Mondragon Golf Inc. provides high quality irrigation services and have the reputation to back that up. We have installed irrigation systems from golf courses, athletic fields, sports fields, recreational parks, schools, roadways, businesses and residential homes. We promise to deliver the best quality of installation and the best products available in the market; at our job sites you won’t ever find generic brands. When it comes to preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs, our service technicians are professional, knowledgeable and efficient, nothing is beyond our field. In fact, you will find some of the most qualified and experienced service technicians in the residential and commercial irrigation industry working with us at Mondragon Golf Inc.

Sprinkler System Consulting & Design: We are here to assist our customer, whether that assistance involves an expert advise on what type of system you should consider or you already have a system in mind and need to generate a complete design based on your specifications we are here to enable you to get what you are looking for and to do so while adding value to your property rather than just wasting your hard earn money.

Irrigation Installation: Time and time again we emphasize in the importance of hiring the right company to do the best job within your budget. Every day we run into home owners who are disappointed with their newly installed system and yes sometimes you just want to scream, you get what you pay for! but in reality they didn’t go into this quest of “I need to pay less for an inefficient irrigation system” but instead they are looking for the most economical way and hoping they get a good deal out of it. The reality is a lot of companies want to make their 25% profit regardless of the value they bring to the customer. Beware, because you are paying less doesn’t mean you’re getting your money’s worth. Here is a couple of things you need to know about a properly installed system:

  • Demand Bran Names (Rainbird, Toro, Hunter) for all of your equipment such as your irrigation clock, rain sensor, control valves, sprinkler heads, etc…
  • Sprinkler wire (black) needs to be that! not fire sprinkler system wire (brown wire) which is not even direct burial.
  • Your irrigation clock should include a rain sensor (per county code) don’t accept one of those $45 dollars clock you would find at a home improvement store, they don’t last!
  • All your pipes should be buried no less than 18″ for your main line and no less than 10″ for you laterals unless tree roots and other obstacles restrict that. How many calls we get for shallow line repairs after heavy trucks are put on the yard for roof, septic or tree work!
  • Your valves should be enclosed in valve boxes (individual or cluster) neatly and preferably with river rock around them.
  • Your valve wire connections should be waterproof properly
  • Make sure your contractor lays out your sprinklers correctly before installation (head to head coverage), a 15ft radius sprinkler head means 15ft spacing from head to head, not 18ft nor 30ft!

At MGI you’ll find there is no need for you to request the above, that is our modus operandi!

Preventative Maintenance: A lot of home owners get complacent when everything looks good out in the yard and forget that anything you own requires maintenance and upkeep. The irrigation system is no different just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean you don’t have to tend to it. A good maintenance program is ideal for maintaining the efficiency of the system as well as catching those little issues before they become a big deal plus the implementation of a good maintenance program will prevent the loss of turf and plants. Don’t wait until a major repair is needed to react to it, be proactive and find professionals that can help you keep your system up to date.

Troubleshooting and Repair: How many times have you had someone or yourself replace something and then find out you just wasted your time & money because the problem persists, save yourself some grieve and time guessing what is wrong and hire professionals that work doing this for a living, we know what the function of each component is and can pinpoint the problem sometimes just by listening to you describe the problem let alone using our specialized troubleshooting equipment. We can locate a pin size leak, find a missing valve, find the break in the wire, etc… and make the appropriate repairs with the proper replacement parts or equipment.

If you have a problem with your irrigation system, call our service technicians today! We love to take challenges and if we don’t carry the type of product required we’ll find it!. MGI offers the best quality services at competitive rates; you can see the difference in our job quality and level of expertise for yourself. We are equipped with latest technology for successfully identifying ground fault location and valve location as well as anything that ails your irrigation system.

If you are looking for quality residential irrigation & commercial irrigation services, call MGI today at (863) 800-3255 or schedule a meeting online by clicking here.

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