Commitment to Quality Service

At Mondragon Golf Inc., we are committed to provide the best quality service to all our clients, when it comes to installing residential & commercial irrigation systems there is no difference. The products we use exceed minimum standards whether it involves the pumping system, the control system, the piping system and sprinklers at large we will always insist in name brands.

This page is dedicated to provide you our customer or customer “to be” the proper information for you to make educated decisions when it comes to irrigation and will be modifying and expanding it as we go along this journey of technology advancement and innovation. If you have any topic you would like to read about drop as an email @

Most frequently asked questions:

  • What type pumping system do I need? Depending on your application and local regulations, there are areas where drilling is not allowed and an alternate system will be required such as your local water supply or reclaimed water system if available, there is also the possibility of drawing from a natural source (lake) where a centrifugal pump can be used, etc… The most common application is the centrifugal (lakes and channels) and submersible system (wells). There are two types of pump system configurations; the pressure switch system and the pump relay system where one is controlled by a pressure switch and the other directly from the master valve at the irrigation clock.
  • What size pumping system do I need? You have to size your pump according to your irrigation design or watering needs. For an average lawn setting a 3/4HP or 1HP submersible pump would do as longs as your flow doesn’t demand more than 25GPM. If you have a larger than average size yard you may want to consider a 3HP or 5HP depending on how larger.
  • What type of sprinklers do I need? Depending on your landscape needs and what end result you are looking for. If you want a quick precipitation (less time watering) the spray head is what you want, if you are looking to cover a larger area with one zone (less precipitation; longer run time) the small turf rotor is your option. The drip system is also an option when it comes to flower & shrub beds. In a normal application you would want you shrub beds, hedge row and flower beds with either the spray heads or drip system and your rotor heads for your turf areas. Some customers opt for the spray head all the way around but it will cost more upfront but may save some pump run time. What you really don’t want to do is mix different heads on the same zone since they are design with a different precipitation rate and you’ll end up with some areas wetter than others.
  • Drip irrigation a good alternate to spray heads? Yes, If you are concern about water conservation, your water content is high in minerals or a lot of tree roots are involved you may want to consider drip irrigation. The disadvantage is you need to put a good filtration system and maintain it regularly or it will clog up the orifices in the line rendering it useless you would also have to mulch your beds regularly to keep the line covered and limit exposure to the environment.
  • Do I really need an automatic system or can I manually turn it on? If you consider your time invaluable go for the manual option but for most people after a while they find out is hard to stay on top of turning on and off valves and then the system becomes absolute. The added cost of atomization is minor compare to the whole lot of work that takes to install the actual system and to retrofit to automatic after the fact is going to cost you an arm and a leg.
  • Why do I have stains on my walls? Your well water is mineralized and thus stains on your walls. You need to take a water sample to your irrigation supply store and have them test it depending on mineral concentration they can determine which rust control system will fit your application if any and what type of treatment you’ll need.

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Customer Satisfaction

We strive to provide optimum customer satisfaction. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are committed to provide the best quality service to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our team of professionals remain updated with current technologies in order to successfully deal with highly complex irrigation systems. Our commitment to excellent service and 100% customer satisfaction help us to be in a better position for serving every needs of our valued customers.