Commitment to Quality Service
At Mondragon Golf Inc., we are committed to provide the best quality of service to all of our clients, whether great or small we treat everyone with the same urgency and respect. We use the right material, the right tools and the right equipment to get the job done right the first time. Products installed by MGI go beyond minimum standards and we will let you know when a substandard product has been spect out, we believe an informed customer is our best allied.

Customer Satisfaction
We strive to provide optimum customer satisfaction. Our highly trained and experienced team members are committed to provide the best quality service. Our team of professionals remain updated with current technologies in order to successfully deal with specialized golf course construction projects. Our commitment to excellent service and 100% customer satisfaction help us be in a better position for serving every need of our valued customers.

Golf Resources
Building a new golf course or renovating an existing one is a huge undertaking. At Mondragon Golf Inc. we believe every project needs collaborative effort between the golf course designer, club manager, and course superintendent to be successful. We work as a team with our clients, ensuring 100% success of all our projects. The following are some of the essential steps necessary for ensuring a successful outcome when building a golf course.

Cost Analysis: The first step before undertaking the development of a new golf course is preparing precise and timely cost estimation. whether you have a consultant or you would like us to get involve with cost analysis, we believe helping the clients get a clear idea about the cost involved as well as how to get the maximum out of their budget is of paramount importance.

Golf Course Lay-Out and Design: You want to surround yourself with people who know what they are doing, a golf course architect is the key to ensuring every phase of the construction is completed with a vision, and an ultimate goal to ensure a successful outcome. We work with different architects and depending what type of terrain and design you are looking for we can recommend the one that can make it happen for you!

Site Preparation & Earthwork: Just with any other project phase you need experienced personnel who can properly interpret the architects intent and can handle the task at hand from site clearing, earth excavation, site shaping and contouring, irrigation, drainage, etc… whatever the task our professionals are up to it. We like to think ourselves as the paintbrush the golf course architect uses to give life to his masterpiece drawing and we will work hand in hand preserving specimen trees and other interesting features of the natural landscape. Our golf course shapers are passionate about their work, with great respect for nature’s beauty, they will make sure not to destroy but to enhance the uniqueness of the natural surroundings. Mondragon Golf Inc. has earned a reputation within the industry, thanks to our exceptional workmanship and innovative approach to resolving challenges. We take pride in our work and go beyond specs when necessary in order to achieve the objective and have the necessary resources to complete the task efficiently and on schedule.

Irrigation System Installation: The irrigation system is to the golf course as the circulatory system to the human body, you can not have a vibrant golf course without a well functioning irrigation system. There is plenty of variations out there from brand type (Toro, Rainbird, Legacy, Etc…) to pump station type (Watertronics, Flowtronex, John Deere Green Tech, Etc…) to piping type (Solvent Weld Pipe, Gasketed Pipe, HDPE Pipe, Etc…); we can recommend the proper system for you taking into account your specific budget and watering needs. We work with several irrigation designers and when It comes to product selection we’ll provide you with unbiased information needed to make your final decision.

Drainage System Installation: Just as important as your irrigation system, your drainage system will set how long your course can open after a hard rain. You want a system that is designed with the worst case scenario capacity in mind and installed properly with required percentage fall. There is no such a thing as “gravity will push the water out of the pipe” if you want a long lasting service out of your drainage. We have seen what other contractors do and for the most part the system will operate for a while until the gullies and bellies on the pipe fill up with sand and silt restricting flow.

Turf Installation & Hardscape: Turf selection is very important when it comes to deciding what type of “Quality of Playability” is desired keeping in mind maintenance cost. You don’t want to purchase a Cadillac if you only want to pay for maintenance on a beetle. There is plenty of turf varieties ranging from mid range maintenance to high maintenance grasses. Below we will provide a list of available turf to golf courses and in the type of environment they thrive (coming soon)

Mondragon Golf Inc. offers comprehensive golf course construction service ranging from pre-development consulting, design development and construction implementation.