About MGI

Mondragon Golf Inc., established in March 2002, has the market-leading reputation for performing some of the best work when it comes to building and rebuilding golf courses. Mauro Mondragon, the founder of the company has been working on the golf course industry since the early 1990′s. With the golf course business booming in the late 1990’s, Mondragon saw the opportunity to provide his own flavor of services to the industry and from there the idea for Mondragon Golf Inc. was conceived. Among many services we offer are golf course construction and reconstruction, irrigation installation, cart path installation, drainage, bridge & bulkhead installation, etc… In addition, we have a team dedicated to residential irrigation in our local area.

We are known for our innovation, creativity and skills. With our wealth of experience, there is hardly anything associated with golf course construction that we haven’t seen or done. There are so many things that can possibly go wrong while developing a golf course and at one time or another we have had projects that have challenged us. And each time our dedicated team have quickly and creatively resolved the issues, while sticking to original specifications. No challenge is beyond our capacity.

At MGI, we love to work locally but have traveled out of state when the opportunity has presented. We have worked with other companies building golf courses from the ground up and we have the experience to carry a project out from the beginning to completion.

We bring greatest degree of commitment and technical innovation to our work to create outstanding quality golf courses. We focus on providing exceptional service unmatched in the industry.

Please contact us or call us at (863)800-3255 to know more about MGI or to schedule a meeting.